Didn’t trust my instincts,

Unforgiving and rational,

Advice from the stupid things,

They’d forgive all criminals.

By the time, the truth dropped,

It was too late

If I had any emotional prop,

I still would have seen the better gate.

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Daily Prompt: Candle

Up in the hours when we need candlelight,

I miss waking up just before daylight,

And see how the sun rays break through the darkness,

I miss waking up to chirping birds and freshness,

Mornings made my heart full of hopefulness,

I miss waking up to a life in earnest,

Forgive me if my talks exhibit dullness,

I miss waking up with a dream of success,

Maybe in me you don’t find any goodness,

But I’ve lived a life of toil and stress,

It’s easy for you to compare me with yonder lass,

But little do you know all the tears I’ve wept,

Oh I wish I could wake up to a life of greatness.

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Daily Prompt: Pat on the Back

When I was young I used to think,

That success lies in bling-bling,

So at the outset I started dreaming

About a life fit for a queen

But when I started living,

Figured out money wasn’t the thing,

Worth putting your everything in

I knew something was missing

So I put all my energy in

soul-searching and seeking

for that something 

that would be filling

the emptiness inside me

I think I almost got insane

As my efforts seemed to go in vain

Until one day I opened the Qur’an

And found out the purpose of man

Surely nothing can defeat

The bliss that it feels

To be worshipping The Almighty

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Daily Prompt: From the Collection of the Artist

It’s the year 2113. A major museum is running an exhibition on life and culture as it was in 2013. You’re asked to write an introduction for the show’s brochure. What will it say?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us RETROSPCTIVE.

I must have writer’s block

I don’t know what to talk

I’ve been through lots and lots

But turning it into a post on a blog?

Not today, I cannot


Sitting in the chair I chose

From my expectations, nowhere close

I discarded some lessons momentous

That’s why I am in this mess

Suffering from severe stress


Ignore the truth and it falls apart

Comes crashing down your house of cards

Are we back to the start?

Is it me you outsmart?

I’d rather stay apart


Playing a friend

With all that they pretend

They show you to the end

Logical thinking they suspend

And make you an instrument


But I guess I must halt

In the end it was my fault

To have taken an idle stroll

Instead of fulfilling my role

Walking to the lizard’s hole


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Daily Post: Flip Flop

When I was seventeen
A naive teen
Sick of all the nagging
Belittling and bullying
Thought that college would be
To a happy future the key
So I worked with sincerity
To get to this penitentiary
Soon I realised that the setup
Is built to keep us in check
To turn us into slaves
Neither independent nor brave
So I made up my mind
To free myself of this grind
While slogging through it
I met people who did
By bits and bits
By threats and treats
Pushed me back into it
Giving me no time to pave
A path that would free this slave

They said: it’s the only way
And you’re so intelligent hey!
So better jump back into into this pit
Or we’d call your parents and police
That you dared leave
This bond of slavery
And dared an attempt at setting yourself free
Sit in the class and don’t you move
Don’t look at the cell phone you
Sit and participate
In whatever frivolity takes place
Don’t check your phone for news
That might reveal the truth
That it’s all fat selfish people who
Fund this research that you do
And in the end you’re nothing else
But a domestic help
Finding what they want to know
They don’t care where you go
Or what happens to you
You’ll be working at their comfortable kingdom
But going back to your quarter-of-a-room home
Don’t try running ’cause we have our men
To bring you back to the clink

So scared I just did their bidding
Are we going back to the beginning?
Now I have no time to make a U-turn
Back to the furthest point I went
On the road to freedom

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