Daily Post: Flip Flop

When I was seventeen
A naive teen
Sick of all the nagging
Belittling and bullying
Thought that college would be
To a happy future the key
So I worked with sincerity
To get to this penitentiary
Soon I realised that the setup
Is built to keep us in check
To turn us into slaves
Neither independent nor brave
So I made up my mind
To free myself of this grind
While slogging through it
I met people who did
By bits and bits
By threats and treats
Pushed me back into it
Giving me no time to pave
A path that would free this slave

They said: it’s the only way
And you’re so intelligent hey!
So better jump back into into this pit
Or we’d call your parents and police
That you dared leave
This bond of slavery
And dared an attempt at setting yourself free
Sit in the class and don’t you move
Don’t look at the cell phone you
Sit and participate
In whatever frivolity takes place
Don’t check your phone for news
That might reveal the truth
That it’s all fat selfish people who
Fund this research that you do
And in the end you’re nothing else
But a domestic help
Finding what they want to know
They don’t care where you go
Or what happens to you
You’ll be working at their comfortable kingdom
But going back to your quarter-of-a-room home
Don’t try running ’cause we have our men
To bring you back to the clink

So scared I just did their bidding
Are we going back to the beginning?
Now I have no time to make a U-turn
Back to the furthest point I went
On the road to freedom

In response to: Daily Prompt: Flip Flop


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